The importance of advertising for a company

To popularise their products and improve their sales, companies opt for advertising. This is because it enables companies to publicise their products and services in order to increase their customer base. So how important is advertising for companies?

What are the main objectives of advertising?

Advertising has several objectives. Among these objectives, the following can be mentioned.

  • Trial: Advertising enables new businesses to present their various products and services to the general public. It consists of convincing customers by placing advertisements which aim to attract the customer’s attention to the new item.
  • Continuity: Advertising also aims to build customer loyalty. In this case, the company communicates about the added value of the various products or services in order to encourage the customer to continue consuming these products. Advertisements in this context focus on product improvements.
  • The brand switch: advertising enables a company to win customers from its competitors. This is one of the real objectives of advertising. This is why we find that advertising is more accentuated when the competition is tough.
  • Switching back: Advertising can enable a company to regain the trust of its former customers. The advertisements issued by the company in this case are promotions, reductions in the price of items in order to win back former customers.

These are the different objectives pursued by companies by opting for advertising.

What are the advantages of advertising for the company and the customer?


Advertising has many advantages for the company. We can read some of these advantages in the objectives of advertising. Advertising allows companies to expand their customer base and increase their turnover. Through advertising, many new products will be sold.

As far as customers are concerned, advertising allows them to learn about the best products available on the market and also about sales promotions organised by different companies in the market.